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Mint Price: 1 SOL
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Hat Wear
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Where can I mint?
On our website directly! Minting button will appear as soon as it's
available, check our discord for more details.

What's the cost?
1 SOL + small gas fee.

Once minting is over, where can I buy?
You will be able to buy on an official marketplace.
(either solanart.io or digitaleyes.market)

I'm in both the whitelist and early supporter, how many aliens
can I get total if this happens?
You can only be in one, either early support or pre sale martian role,
no benefit in having both roles.

Is there any other way to get a 1:1 other than minting?
Yes the only other way aside from minting would be winning
the shilling contest.

How many can I mint for pre sale and launch?
You can mint a total of 10 martians on pre sale, and during
launch you can mint 10 per transaction.

When are the martians launching?
Pre Sale: 26th of September, 23:00 UTC
Official Launch: 26th of September, 23:30 UTC

What benefits does our martian grant us?
Not only will you own a cool Crypto Martian, but you will have exclusive access to some of our upcoming events in our roadmap.

What do I need to purchase a martian?
You'll need Phantom wallet with some SOL.
We will make a detailed guide that will show you how to be ready
for our launch and pre-sale.

how big is your team?
We're a team of 4 founding members alongisde mods/admins.

How many people for whitelist/presale?
750 total

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