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3 Basic money management methods on the Markets

Examining the good and bad sides of each of the money management methods At the center of any competent trading strategy is a well thought out and proven money management method. When designed and applied correctly, there is no better indicator to give each entry the best chance of successfully resulting in optimal position sizing.… Read More »

Stop Loss- The Kind of Insurance Money Can’t Buy

Why stop losses are your best bet against runaway losses We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a successful business career is built around effectiveness. risk management. Traders who do not take proper precautions and plan for negative outcomes will quickly find themselves in situations they cannot handle or escape. One of the… Read More »

The Mental Toughness of Forex Swing Trader

Forex swing trader Swing trading is a type of trading strategy that targets long rallies or long falls. Swing trading is also known as long-term trading or trend trading. It is about holding a position for several days or weeks. By holding the position, traders try to capture a longer price range in stocks, currencies,… Read More »