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5 Steps To Building Unwavering Trader Confidence

Advanced Forex Blog January 19, 2023 | 1:14 p.m. | Advanced Forex Blog January 19, 2023 | 13:14Advanced Forex Blog Building merchant confidence Are you struggling with confidence in your trades? Do you find yourself questioning your decisions or doubting your abilities? This webinar covers 5 steps to building unshakable confidence in traders to increase… Read More »

How to master the risks of forex trading?

How to master the risks of forex trading? Without a crystal ball or some other clairvoyant lens into the future, you can’t expect all (or most) of the changes in the market. Still, you need to provide a steady income and reduce your forex trading risks if you want to succeed as a professional trader.… Read More »

Finding the Confidence in your Trading strategy

Trust your trading strategy Fear can be paralyzing. Even though everything is in order and prepared, a well-placed fear blow can ruin everything. We can train, prepare, practice and think we are ready. But when the time comes to pull the trigger on our action, everything can fail instantly. This type of fear, the instant,… Read More »

How to Practice Meditation for Traders

Meditation for traders Everyone in forex trading is looking for ways to be successful. The drive to do more and earn more pushes you to explore different paths. Not surprisingly, many traders opt for mindfulness and meditation practices. Many people dismiss this because they see it as unnecessary. They either think it means weakness or… Read More »

All You Need to Avoid Overtrading in Forex

Forex Overtrade Challenge Over-trading in Forex is one of the most difficult lessons for a trader to understand. If you tend to over-trade and continue to over-trade, you will lose a lot of money. You expose your money to the market every time you enter, and the more you expose your money to the market,… Read More »