The Mental Toughness of Forex Swing Trader

By | October 11, 2022

Forex swing trader

Swing trading is a type of trading strategy that targets long rallies or long falls. Swing trading is also known as long-term trading or trend trading. It is about holding a position for several days or weeks. By holding the position, traders try to capture a longer price range in stocks, currencies, or any other financial instrument.

Swing trading requires patience and proper capital margin planning. Typically done by stock investors, swing trading can help currency traders make big profits, as long as they use the sophisticated yet simple leverage advantages afforded to Forex traders.

To make big profits, a swing trader must act quickly to find situations where a currency pair it has great potential to move, up or down, in a short period of time. To find currency pairs that show short-term price momentum, swing traders make use of technical analysis and sometimes market sentiment analysis. Instead of the usual long-term trends, swing traders look to capitalize on short-term price trends and patterns.

Swing trading is often confused with reversal trading, but unlike the latter, swing trading does not look for a change in trend; instead, he becomes actively involved for only a short period of time. In the following sections, we discuss the mindset for holding long-term positions and the challenges associated with it, the benefits and risks of holding long-term positions, and why the5ers is an excellent trading framework for swing traders.

The mindset for long-term positions and the challenges associated with it

If you have the qualities to day trade effectively then you have a good chance of succeeding in swing trading as well. What are these qualities or attributes that we point to? They include being patient, not worrying about big stop losses, being willing to take fewer trades, and being careful about how few setups you make. If you have all these qualities, then you are on your way to becoming a successful swing trader.

However, do not rush to start swing trading. You will also need to face and overcome some of the mental challenges associated with swing trading. Compared to swing traders in other stocks, there aren’t enough swing traders in currencies to exploit the full potential of the trend. Do you know the reason why? Because the major currency pairs are more balanced and tend to fluctuate more deeply and more frequently.

In forex, 80% of the time price is in range or reversing, and only 20% of the time price is in actual trend. This means that compared to swing traders of other financial instruments, forex swing traders need to have a higher level of patience and mental toughness to sustain long-term investments.
If you are motivated by dynamic and fast moving trade environment and impatient to know if you are right or wrong, you may not have the mindset to succeed in swing trading, particularly forex swing trading.

Watching an unrealized gain get eaten up by a long retracement and slow markup can be an exhausting mental experience. The euphoria comes on for very brief moments as the market spikes in your direction, and then returns to long retracement action.

So many thoughts can go through your mind while 80% of the time of the trading cycle is in ranges or retracements. There are more reasons to stop the position in the many scenarios you still have to go through. For those who can remain honest and trustworthy towards the original goal, the payoff can be enormous.

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Set and forget trading is not for professionals

Long-term traders are often advised to set and forget trading positions. This is not a good idea. While you have the leverage to set it and forget it trading stocks, you can’t afford to trade forex, especially if you’re a professional trader.

In swing trading, the capital is held by the position and must provide decent interest. For a forex trader, capital is the raw material that needs to be managed efficiently. A common way to handle swinging long is to constantly load and unload into the position based on different market scenarios. Gradual entries at the end of the retracement and taking partial profits on swing highs. Aggressive swingers can also hedge a portion of the gains in the opposite direction by trading pullbacks.

The swing trading strategies that work are those that hold a position for days. However, like any other negotiation method, swing trading requires mastering the art of speculation. Successful swing traders keep positions open for two to six trading days, sometimes even weeks. Also, they will look to get into a position that allows them to make a profit in a short period of time.

Fundamental analysis is of little importance to swing traders. Instead, they rely on technical analysis to analyze trends in price movements of a given currency pair. The analysis includes recent, short-term, and long-term (up to three years) research. To stay on top of trend bias and continue accumulating cash flow from profits, swing traders must take micro-actions, such as adding and unloading at the edges of the range. More importantly, they must be fully aware of and involved in changing market conditions.


A strategy that seeks to identify trends within a short- or medium-term trend, swing trading seeks to hold a position only when there is a high probability of winning. larger stop losses They are forced to deal with volatility, as trades last much longer than a day, and forex traders must adapt their money management plan accordingly.

It can be profitable and extremely risky at the same time to load a currency position. As in a dependent position, this risk management must be carefully planned. A swing trader must be sure of the right moment to add a position because it can easily consume all that he has achieved with his hard work. Therefore, it is essential to understand the price action phases and determine actions to take beyond confirmed key levels to reduce the risk of lower earnings and stressful experiences.

When forex traders find themselves trading resistance in a market high, the reverse stop technique can be useful on a breakout. This is because the main trends in the forex market begin with the breaking of high resistance barriers. With the above strategy, it is easier to capitalize on new trend followers and stop-loss orders that are being executed.

In addition to the above, traders must be ready to make a profit. They must feed their greed without hesitation. Once a profit is made, it must be taken immediately. The reason is that the forex market is so volatile that gains can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Swing Trader Funding

It is quite surprising to learn that the most popular and widely used proprietary trading funds promote short-term intraday traders, but do not present the same opportunity for long-term traders.

The5ers Next Generation Proprietary Funding Program is a fund that happily welcomes swing forex traders galore. The program is on a live trading account from the start, with a profit sharing scheme. Overnight and weekend trading is also allowed during the news, and traders can trade up to the maximum leverage potential in forex trading by adding secured unrealized profits.

Forex Swing Trader Conclusion

If you want to be a swing trader, you have to consider the mental side of trading. When you are a swing trader, there is quite a bit of potential to make a good profit on trades, but if so, you have a responsibility to be disciplined and work according to your trading plan. If you have the right character, swing trading can be very rewarding!

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